I was to be LIKE....
Sunday, December 16, 2012 • 12:18 PM • 2 comments

  Dear diary,, (okeyh,, straight to the point) cough*changing my writing style*cough ,, THE REAL ME ??? * i know it's ridiculous title right??* argh!! stop with that nonsense,, arissa!!
(taking a deep breath) alright,, she's ready now to tell the earthling the real arissa..what she's been trough all the past year..WARNING: THIS IS A REAL STORY!!! DON'T READ IT IF U CANNOT KEEP A SECRET!! (over dramatic -_-) 

   She was born on 31/08/96,, this lucky girl was named ----- arissa -- ---- ------..OKEY!! STOP WITH THIS FAIRYTALE STORY!!  (argh!! stop talking with me,, u interrupt my post,, dear!!)

   Argh!! finally..0_0! ok let's start our story..mcm nie>>>back to the time i was still an elementary student at SKPK..SKPK??? it's refer to sekolah kebangsaan pangkal kalong,,ahh,, korang sure x knl punya...actually,, that time i was a chubby, not s0o friendly *means didn't have a frenz at all* maybe sorng dua kot..maybe a little nerd!! ARgh!! i hate the fact that i was like that..but sometimes arissa bangga dengan diri arissa sendiri kalau nk bandingkn dngn diorang..DIORNG?? SAPE TUH?? They were like school diva!! nanti larh arissa citer psl diorng.

   Back to the story>>> memang dh anugerah yg chubby,,nerd,,fat girl always been bullied..kalau bab kisah hidup arissa nie lain sikit,, i'm not been bullied secara fizikal & mental kot,, but i hate them so much!! Dsebabkn perangai diorng arissa x ada kwn sngt time tue sampai larh arissa berubah!! TOTALLY CHANGE!! i mean fizikal & mental..THNX TO THEM I ALREADY CHANGE 100%!!!..entah larh dsebabkn diri arissa sekarang that i'm not anymore a fat,,nerd,,not friendly & chubby girl anymore,, but now i'm like...other girls out there!! u know what i mean right?? 'A HA!! I KNOW!!

  Anyways,, thnx to them!! i guess..^_^!!.. arissa ada check stutus diorng dkt FB,, & also checking their current pic.. bukan arissa nak mengata diorng but ia memang dh jd dkt diorng..  yg diorng dh jd mcm arissa dulu except the nerd things!! oh oh + skema!! but for ur information,, now i'n still have that nerd things (1/10) + i'm still budak skema tp skrng nie dh kurang.. actually about turning from a fat girls to a slimmy girlz things..>> kata umi arissa,, kluarga kite orng mcm tue,, time bdk2 memng larh gemuk but,, when we (cousin2 arissa) are turning 13 & above kite orng jd kurus,, & seangkatan nya!!

   Moral of the story, be strong & remember they were not ur remote control that control ur feelings, behaviour or what evr..but u were!! They just like ur guide in choosing ur own path in making ur bright future ahead~~

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