Alhamdulillah, i've got MUMTAZ !!!
Saturday, January 5, 2013 • 2:09 PM • 2 comments

   & hello earthling!!! Finally result SMU kuar!! sbnrnya dh lama dh pun result SMU kuar~~ arissa x rasa apa2 pun time ambk result,, sbb arissa x expect pun dpt MUMTAZ!!! but alhamdulillah arissa dpt MUMTAZ dlm SMU!!!

  First of all, arissa nk ucp thnx to my never give up lovely teacher, ust & ustz.. without all of ur effort i'll never get an excellent result..APA YG ARISSA DPT?? huh?? i don't get it?? UR PRESENT,, DUH??
  First, parents arissa belanja mkn mlm dkt NEW HORIZON GARDEN RESTAURANT -- semua orng pasti nakkn habuam kn?? arissa pun t'masuk gk dlm kalangn tue,, hehe-- apa lg alng2 jam arissa x de bateri , arissa mintak lar jam-- hehe,, sure korng ckp,, x de bateri je pun,, boleh beli baru,, susah ape,,, kn3??? WHAT'S THE WATCH BRAND,, ANYWAY?? ---it's Ice watch actually-- 

   Lastly,, arissa hrp sngt arissa dpt full A+ in SPM 2013 & arissa doakn smua batch '96 got A+ in SPM 2013 + semoga MMP mencipta sejarah baru bg SPM 2013!! amin~~

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