Kpoppers Giveaway by Nanafana and Arina Azman !
Saturday, September 21, 2013 • 2:47 PM • 0 comments

kali nie arissa d ajk oleh hana
utk join GA nie,, thnx ajk arissa
dkt entry nie arissa nk kongsi hadiah jer,, hehehe
yang laen tue korng kena lar intai2 blog penaja k!!
*just the banner to jump*
hadiah2nya >>>
  • Mystery Present X1 by Shaza Kpop Online Shop
  • Exo Growl Hug Version X 1 by Milky Uyu Kpop Store
  • Infinite Destiny X 1 by Milky Uyu Kpop Store
  • Suju Bonamana B X 5 by Milky Uyu Kpop Store
  • Infinite New Challenge X 4 by Milky Uyu Kpop Store
  • EXO Shirt X 1 by Selling Kpop Stuff
  • SHINee Mirror X 1 by Mrx Kpop Shop Mlysia
  • Big Bang Mousepad X 2 by Mrx Kpop Shop Mlysia
  • Bangel Perempuan X 3 by Areena
  • Kpop Keychain X 10 by Mrx Kpop Shop Mlysia
  • Love Keychain X 5 by Tia Mumtaz 
  • Kpop Random mini poster X 5 by Nanafana 
  • Jelly Bracelet X 4 by MrxKpop Shop Mlysia
  • Bloglist selama sebulan X 4 by Nurul Afifah
  • Earings X 2 pair by Tia Mumtaz
  • Lip tint X 1 by Tia Mumtaz   

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