First day dkt PTD
Friday, February 22, 2013 • 2:11 PM • 0 comments

    & hello erthlings!! haha "the same sentence everyday" ingt x psl SARAH yg arissa cari ari tue ~~ ??? A'AH, SARAH UR PARTNER >>> arissa dh jumpa dh dia,, rupa2nya arissa dpt information yg slh,, dkt paper yg arissa dpt dia tulis SARAH class 5k1,, tp the truth is she's on class 5k2. Anyway,, thnx for handling the usrah last wednesday.. :) *bajet kiut*

    ari nie first day dkt PTD >>> pusat tuisyen dinamis,, dulu memng b'cdng nk tuisyen dkt PBB >>> pusat bimbingan bistari tp dkt PBB ckgu sc x de dkt sana,, katanya ade prob. s0 b'coz of that i've got to go to PTD,, anyway,, arissa rasa arissa dh mula suka dh dkt tuisyen nie even rasa suka or seangkatan dengn nye larh,, x dpt menandngi perasaan arissa time study dkt PBB.. SBB??!! hurm....arissa sorng jer tahu,, hahaha *evil face* 
    sorry, it's too personal to share it online...tmbh2 lg ada maahadians yg baca,, hahaha
    Lastly,, arissa hrp arissa dpt score straight A's in SPM 2013,, arissa doakan all the best utk korng,,.. insyallah batch 96 dpt straight A's semua bukan maahadians jer, korng pown :)

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