Life Lessons
Thursday, June 22, 2017 • 7:30 AM • 1 comments

Dream and reality. It such a huge difference sometimes, i guess.. or maybe its just my opinion? 🙆 But we also need to dream it first in order to make it become a reality onward. But, how about high expectations? I think, it also could kill us sometimes, right? We expect it to be as good as what we look at a first glance but it turns out to be in a wrong way. It might hurts for a while but in life everything can be heal with something. 

Its just how we take it or make it through in life. Either we take it as a lessons in order to be more careful in the future or in a negative way. Its all about choices. We just able to plan the future how we want it to turn out but we know that Allah is the best planner. 

I've learned a lot especially when i'm entering uni life. What we want is not what we always will get. But the best things for us or what should we get is what we get. Sometimes the one that just pass through ur life is just a lessons for u to be much stronger in the future. While, friends or best friends as ur partner in crime. A good choice of friend is all depends on how u choose it. A friend that u can lean on or that always there for u in thick and thin are the best one and not the two face person. The one that always put a smile in front of u but at ur back, the one's that always slender u. 

In the end, choice is all matters but its also as a life experience for us to be much stronger, to be able to handle much difficult problems in the future. A life lessons that we can't get from anyone.

Life becomes easier when u learn to accept the apology u never got.
(R. Brault)

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