Stay Strong and Keep moving
Sunday, October 2, 2016 • 11:50 PM • 0 comments

If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done.
-Thomas Jefferson-

Just love how the quotes sound. Success are not giving to you without any hardship just like how a quotes sound, "after every storms, there is a rainbow". Please do remember, orang-orang yang dapat dean's award or vice chancellor's award tu bukan sebab course dia senang compared to course korang. That's so not true. Sometimes, ada jugak yang cakap "tak pe la dia budak pandai, tak study pun boleh score". Korang ingat nak dapat semua tu senang ke?

For me, nak dapat dean's award tak senang dan tak susah. Its not because the course is much easy than others. Nak cakap rajin pun... rasanya malas tu tetap ada. Maybe because of inspiration, motivation and desire that lead to struggle and hard work. Before that, arissa nak ucap tahniah, tahniah and tahniah, we finally did it. Hiraukan je apa yang orang nak cakap. We did it with our own effort. 

Kawan arissa, Tia (Zures), an international student, pernah la tanya pasal tips. Padahal dia pun orang hebat jugak. Setiap orang mesti ada tips dia sendiri kan?. Tak semua tips sesuai dengan kita. But the most important things are doa, usaha, ikhtiar and tawakkal. Kawan arissa, safira, yang dapat dean awards pun cakap benda yang sama. Memang ada tips lain but that's the most important things. Kalau macam arissa, arissa tak boeh stay up lelama, nanti pening la mengantuk la, macam-macam. Tapi kalau kawan arissa, safira and atin, haaa dorang boleh buat. 

Kalau tanya pasal inspiration.. bagi arissa, of course both of my parents and my cousin who got first class award. Kenapa kalau orang lain boleh, kita tak boleh kan? Just think that. Bila malas je, arissa akan pikir kawan-kawan arissa yang lain, kalau aku duduk termenung je tak buat apa-apa, sure dorang tengah study. That's called motivation. Lastly, desire, arissa memang teringin sangat nak grad with first class degree, pakai selempang and making my parents proud, etc. 

Oh yeah, I used to interview one of my friends, safira, in order to finish my technical writing assignment regarding on her dean's award. Ada la dua tiga tips yang dia kongsi. First dia cakap usaha betul-betul, bila dah berusaha, doa balik, mintak banyak-banyak. Pastu tawakkal bila kita dah usaha. Arissa doakan yang kita berlima dapat kekalkan apa yang kita dapat sekarang and dapat capai apa yang kita impikan selama ni. Aminnn... And tak lupa jugak to every person yang singgah lawat sini, good luck to you guys too.. ^^

"Don't spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door"
-Coco Channel-

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