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This blog will be always like its owner. Kalau owner dia on vacation or a lil bit busy, it will just shut itself or mute for some time lol. *cough Didn't even know why tetiba je rasa macam nak tulis entry baru before start new semester this september. *cough  .. Maybe sebab baru recover from the longest gastric pain i've been in since the first time i got it. *hurmmm, smbil tangan tap dkt dagu  and also maybe sebab dah start design poster balik. lol  Tak ada kaitan pun sebenarnya maybe a lil bit.

There's something happened a few days ago, well i think it's kind of weird when someone yang tak pernah kita whatsapp or even send a message for personal things except tanya something regarding assignment tetiba tanya How's your day? Your faculty? even dah tahu Place that you live? and etc.. Memang arissa tak pernah terfikir pun yang it will be turn out to be like this. He's a nice person, actually too nice. *eh macam dah pecah rahsia je  A person that will do anything for you eventhough it is a hard task.  He will try to do it for you. Kawan arissa pun perasan benda ni semua.

But there's one person yang sama faculty, boleh dikatakan senior, a year older .. Sebelum ni, arissa dengan kawan pernah cakap-cakap something about a guy in front of him without saying any name, tapi paham-paham la kalau dah perempuan gossip pastu ada isyarat tangan ke mata ke kening ke apa just nak tunjuk something. But then, he's asking like what? who is it? sambil pusing tengok with a fake coughing. lol  But before he doing that act, of course kitorang tak layan kan? Takkan la nak kena kantoi lol Kawan dia sorang lagi relax je, tak ada pulak tanya something regarding it. *hurmmm, macam-macam la both of them ni. 
But still wondering kenapa dengan dorang dua ni? I guess that, i will never understand about this.
Oh yeah, baru-baru ni kawan ada mintak tolong editkan sikit blog dia, so dengan skill ala kadar ni tolong la buatkan *hehe  Dah lama dah tinggal bab-bab coding blog ni, tapi insyaAllah akan cuba sedaya yang mungkin. Hopefully jadi la blog tu macam yang kawan nak.There's some sneak peek of the new layout, nanti korang tolong-tolong la terjah blog dia. She's a supplier of SHAKLEE actually. Kalau ada sesapa yang nak beli barang SHAKLEE ke nak jadi ahli ke boleh la selalu picnic dekat blog dia. *hehehe

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