Respect others too
Monday, February 5, 2018 • 5:29 PM • 0 comments

Its already the first week of February but this one is my very first entry of the year. lol .. Nothing much happens for the last year but still there's some drama here and there. A bit childish and unmatured one probably. At least for me I think so.. After all life is a journey dear.. There will be some up and down.. we'll be at the top of our life and sometimes we had to face the worst of it no matters what we do..

Take it as a life lesson and change it into some positive vibes. We don't have to follow either their habits or how they live their life and the most important things is please do respect others too. We didn't own this earth but we share it with each other. The scenario that i would like to highlight is that when renting the house with the others. It is a common problems among students. Problems with their housemate especially either not doing the house chores or do somethings that is not relevant. Dear housemate all over the world, please do your part too as a responsible housemate or rental. Your housemate has their life too or if you having a relationship please don't ever do something like park your lover's car at your house's garage. You do know that you rent the house with the others right, don't you? This is too much, don't you think so? Not to mention the other things you do that might upsetting your housemates..

Don't you feel tired to face with this kind of situation?As for me, I'm tired of it. As if you want to share that you have the sweetest lover in the world.. lol But that's not the only things... You need to know or at least remind yourself that as much as your housemate hated it but they still think a lil bit of your feelings. How you will react if they complained about it or how it can effect your friendship as they do know what kind of person you are. Please do think of others too and please keep in mind that u share the house with someone else too. It's just not about the rental house but do think of the other little things too. Every little things that we do have its own impact either towards ourselves or other peoples around us..

At the end, the one who faced it, just need to ignore it as much as we can and take it as a life lesson dear self. I do remind myself like that sometimes so that I don't think much of that nonsense things or an unmatured behavior or just a childish one lol... I'm not the perfect one too but at least do some effort to keep doing the positive one..

'Respect people's feelings. Even if it doesn't mean anything to you, it could mean everything to them..'

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